Sunday, October 9, 2011

With only hours before the finale ... this is our third and Final Leaderboard for Manhunt International 2011!

The Leaderboard
1. Brazil
2. South Africa
3. Belgium
4. Lebanon
5. China
6. Costa Rica
7. Bulgaria
8. Vietnam
9. Algeria
10. France
11. Indonesia
12. Greece
13. Venezuela
14. India
15. Slovenia
16. Korea

For this third and Final Leaderboard, Brazil remains unchanged as the top of the pack. He is truly a definition of classic male pageant winner, handsome, masculine, and charismatic. He also has one of the best physique this year and our members even voted him as the best in swimwear. Following him in the second place is South Africa, who started this competition only as one of the middle pack, but slowly makes his way into the top of our list. He always radiates a sense of confidence and elegance, especially when he is dressed in formal attire. Therefore, it’s not too surprising that he was voted by our members as the best in formal wear.

Other names in our final list are mostly dominated by contestants from host continent Asia. Vietnam has earned his spot in the semifinal thanks to the popularity vote and we believe he can go even further due to the perfect combination of his charming personality, handsome face, and sexy body. Another Asian contestant who is almost certainly guaranteed a spot in the semifinal is Korea, based on past experience that host delegate is almost always given a spot. China is a traditional powerhouse of Manhunt International and their delegate this time probably the most handsome among Asian delegate, so he should be in too. India and Indonesia have both performed really strong too and we expect to see them among the semifinalists. And in the bubbling up list there is also Australia.

The biggest competition for Asia will likely come from Europe, which has a lot of strong contestants too. We have fallen in love with the cuteness of Belgium since the beginning and it does not waver until the end. Bulgaria is very handsome and he has a true muscle body, tough it is perhaps more suitable for bodybuilding than pageant. France was missing from the previous list of Leaderboard due to the lack of his candid pics, but makes a huge comeback this time due to his shining performance in his official photos. Also keep your eyes to Greece, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Turkey, the dark horses from the old continent.

From Americas and Caribbean, the only real contender aside from Brazil is Costa Rica and that's it. However we are quite sure that there will be more spots given to this continent, and the ones that will most likely grab it are either Venezuela, Dominican Republic, or Bolivia. Completing the list are two stunners from Africa and Mediterranean region, Lebanon with a former Mister International experience and Algeria with an advantage as a debutant.

So that's it ... the Final Leaderboard. Who will become Manhunt international 2011? We will find out .. soon!

Special thanks to ZephEnd, Fikriblast, Zefozie, Yoppie Kurniawan, Aiden, Inu Bahsalmasan, and Ferriyanto Lim for helping us with the list and Yutha Diantra for the amazing banner!
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