Sunday, October 16, 2011

By Ferriyanto Lim, NovemberRain, Aiden, Yoppie Kurniawan, Inu Bahsalmasan, ZephEnd, and Ayus Wijaya

Our journey to find the Most Beautiful Miss World Contestant from The Last Decade continues in this part. Last time we already revealed to you, the first 5 girls in our list. Now only 10 girls remain in the running towards becoming our choice for Most Beautiful Miss World Contestant from The Last Decade. Out of these 10, only 4 regions still in the run, Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Both Africa and Caribbean have been eliminated in the previous part.

Now it's time to reveal and eliminate 5 more from the 10 remaining girls, leaving only 5 on the top. These girls are the ones on the middle tier of our list, and they are ...

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Contestants from The Last Decade

6. Emma Waldron (Ireland 2010)
7. Sabrina Houssami (Australia 2006)
8. Anagabriela Espinoza (Mexico 2008)
9. Iryna Zhuravskaya (Ukraine 2008)
10. Azra Akin (Turkey 2002)

With the revelation of the girls who placed 6th to 10th in our list, Oceania is now out from the game. The lone survivor from Oceania is no other than Sabrina Houssami from Australia (7th place). This Iranian Australian beauty remains as our favorite from the 2006 edition and it is not so surprising that she is now the highest ranked delegate from her year.

This middle tier list also finally includes winners of Fast Track events for the first time, after the previous lower tier list has no Fast track winners at all. The Fast Track winners in this list are Anagabriela Espinoza (8th place), a winner of Beach Beauty award, and Emma Waldron (6th place), a winner of Talent award. There will be more Fast Track winners included in our higher tier list. In fact 4 out of the 5 names in the Top 5 of the list are Fast track winners!

Now only 5 girls remain, 2 from Europe, 1 from Asia, and 2 from Americas. Can you guess who they are? And which one of them will be crowned as the Most Beautiful Miss World Contestant from The Last Decade? Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yoghi Martino Yulian for the amazing banners!
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  1. I think Sabrina Houssami should get a higher position, she was Miss Grandslam 2006 in Global Beauties Award....


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