Saturday, March 3, 2012

The pageant was held on 3 March 2012 at Barvikha Luxury Village Concert Hall in Moscow with 50 participating contestants representing various Russian federal entities. The winner of Miss Russia 2012 will represent Russia at Miss World 2012 and Miss Universe 2012.

Miss Russia 2012 : SMOLENSKAYA OBLAST - Elizaveta Golovanova

First Runner Up : ZHELEZNODOROZHNY - Kristina Gontar

Second Runner Up : TYUMEN - Alena Shishkova

BELGOROD - Vladlena Radchenko
KRASNODAR - Veronika Shilova
MURMANSK - Ekaterina Grigoreva
MAGADAN - Ekaterina Kolesnikova
OREHOVO ZUEVO - Anastasiya Tekunova
VLADIVOSTOK - Viktoria Levina
VORONEZH - Anastasia Pominova

AKTARSK - Veronika Trofimova
NOVOCHEBOKSARSK - Yulia Ishmuratova
NOVOSIBIRSK - Viktoria Egorova
YAKUTIA - Olesya Kondakova

Special Awards
Miss Internet Popularity : VORONEZH - Anastasia Pominova

So what we love from the pageant? Obviously the girls and the stage! The full LED-display stage was one of the best stage we have ever seen in any pageants. It totally screams exquisite and expensive. Combined with a spectacular lighting and background theme, the stage is truly a visual orgasm. You can see some screen captures of the amazing stage after the commentary.
What we not so love from the pageant is the gazillion musical performances. Yes, a pageant without musical number is incomplete, but this is still a pageant not a music concert. Having an excessive numbers of musical performances is just too much to take for the viewers. Four or five is just enough to entertain them without make them boring.
About the new Miss Russia herself ... well, we still prefer her Second Runner Up more. But as pointed by one of our members, Sneezes, she oozes a vibe of Vera Krasova in 2008. Not so outstandingly beautiful but with the right styling and training, she could make some va-va-voom. We are definitely waiting to see her transformation.

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