Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Credit : Tony Paat

The 70's decade was a Golden Era for Indonesia's pageantry. During the era, Indonesia frequently participated in various beauty pageants, including Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Asia Pacific, and Queen of The Pacific. Some of them even made it all the way to become the eventual winner of the pageant. To relive the Indonesia's glory era at the 70's decade, we have compiled some nostalgic pictures, shared by our friend Tony Paat, in this article. Thank you so much Tony! Check out his collection of classic pictures after the jump!

Lydia Arlini Wahab (fifth from left), Indonesian representative at Queen of The Pacific 1974 along with the other delegates and Alan Whaley, the Mayor of Melbourne - host city of the event

Francisca Warastoeti crowning moment as the winner of Queen of The Pacific 1975

Juliarti Rahayu and other Asian delegates taking picture together at Miss Universe 1976

A collage picture of Juliarti Rahayu and other Asian delegates at Miss Universe 1976

Official picture of Siti Mirza Nuria Arifin, Indonesian representative at Miss Universe 1977

Stay tuned for more Back to Past Moment news, where we will compile various memorable pageant moments and events from the past!
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