Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You may call it a "Manhunt International : Beach Edition" or "Manhunt International : All Stars Edition". Either way, the first ever edition of Beach Hunk Model Search, scheduled to be run concurrently with Miss Bikini International 2012 this coming August in China, seems likely to become a spin-off of Manhunt International contest.

In an official announcement made by Alex Liu - founder of Manhunt International contest - today, All former and current Manhunt International contestants except the winners were invited to participate in this new contest. Contestants must be 18 - 30 years old, 185 cm or taller, and have a great body for swimwear, a great personality, and a love for sea sports. Those who wish to participate should send their best head shots and body pics with a short introduction of themselves to Alex Liu (alex@ermworld.org) or Jerome Too (jerometoo@ermworld.org). In the end, only 16 former Manhunt International contestants will be selected to battle it out for the title of the best Beach Hunk in the world.

Well, we certainly hope this plan will be pushed through, because it's certainly nice to see some former contestants competing again, and even better, this time in a sexier atmosphere - the beach. Now only one question remains, which former Manhunt International contestants do you wish to see in this competition?
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  1. Of course our very own...MANHUNT PHILIPPINES 2011..RON MARVIN MIRANDA....


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