Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When it comes to pageants, Ecuador performance could be considered as a mediocre one. They have made one or two buzz in the past, but overall still eclipsed by their far stronger fellow South American neighbors like Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil. That suddenly changed in 2011, when this country won the crowns of the two biggest international pageants, Miss International and Miss Earth. And with the caliber of the Miss Ecuador 2012 contestants, it seems like this country is on the right track to repeat their strong performance in 2012. So here are our hot faves for Miss Ecuador 2012, the national Ecuadorian beauty pageant contest. The Top 3 winners of this pageant will represent Ecuador at Miss Universe 2012, Miss World 2012, and Miss International 2012.

First Place (for Miss Universe)
MANABI - Tatiana Chele

Second Place (for Miss World)
GUAYAS - Carolina Aguirre

Third Place (for Miss International)
EL ORO - Gianella Gallardo

Fourth Place
ESMERALDAS - Cipriana Correia

Fifth Place
GUAYAS - Kimberly Bravo

The official result of Miss Ecuador 2012 will be announced during the final on 16 March 2012. Who will be the next titleholder of Miss Ecuador? Stay tuned!
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