Friday, March 2, 2012

5 reasons why we are so excited for Miss Russia final this year.

#1 The Competitive Batch
Let us tell you a fact. A competition would only be exciting when the contestants are good to watch. Fortunately, for both the fans and the organizer, each year Miss Russia contest is always swarmed with a lot of stunning Goddess-like contestants, thus makes it one of the most exciting and anticipated national pageant of the year. For this year edition, our personal favorites (which complete list can be read here) are the fierce and glamorous Miss Tyumen, the seducing and sensual Miss Moscow, and the demure and graceful Miss Vladivostok. Any of this gorgeous trio would certainly become a formidable representative for Russia at international competitions this year.

#2 The Crown
A Goddess deserves a divine treatment and when it comes to prize package, Miss Russia never disappoints. Aside from a lucrative US$100.000 cash prize, this year winner will also get to feel a crown valued at no less than US$1.000.000 on her head. Watching the competition among these beautiful women is already visual treat for us, but with the most expensive crown in pageantry at the stake, the competition is going to be even more entertaining. Of course, we are finger-crossed that one of our favorites will end up wearing the crown in the end.

#3 The Reunion
Former winner reunion seems to be a new trend in pageantry nowadays and Miss Russia is the next to follow. For 2012 final, all former winners of Miss Russia (except 1996 winner Alexandra Petrova who was murdered in 2000) will be invited to become honorary guests as well giving the final questions for the finalists. What we anticipate the most from the reunion is of course the sight of two ultra gorgeous angels, Oxana Fedorova and Ksenia Sukhinova together side by side in a frame. You all must wish for the same thing to happen, right?

#4 The Classy Final
Miss Russia is all about class (tough the winner is not always). Since the pre-final activities, the contestants have been involved in various activities to polish their grace and charm as a classy lady. They were given make-up, etiquette, public speaking, and table manner class among others as well as participated as dancers in the Viennesse Ball. The final show is also full of class itself, from the stage, the gowns, and ultimately, the styling of the contestants, making you feel that they are truly real-life Queens in the making.

#5 The Honorary Judge
In a rather surprising act, Miss Russia did not invite the Miss Universe winner as their honorary judge like they always did in the past years. Instead, they opted to invite Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos to fill the respectable position. Some fans speculated that Miss Russia started to prioritize Miss World over Miss Universe. That could be true, considering they have announced that this year Miss Russia will go to compete at Miss World first and depending on the schedule, she may or may not compete at Miss Universe, indicating their favoritism for Miss World. But we are here not to address that matter. We are here to say how glad we are to hear the “Queen of Sun and Moon” (Ivian’s middle name Lunasol means “sun” and “moon” in Spanish) is invited to the final. We love Ivian and we are looking forward to see her performance in the final.
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