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It has been rumored for quite some times. Even Mrs. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, founder and license holder of Miss World in Indonesia, has expressed her interest to bring the contest to Indonesia in 2013 herself. But several problems, including security and cultural issues, have prevented the plan from taking place for now. In the meantime, we have enlisted some exotic and beautiful locations in Indonesia that we would love to see as event venues for Miss World pageant, as well as other international beauty pageants. Check out our choices after the jump and find out if you agree with us!

Jakabaring Stadium during the opening of 2011 Southeast Asian Games

Ampera Bridge, Palembang

Let's begin our journey from the western part of Indonesia, starting with Sumatera island. Formerly the capital city of the Kingdom of Srivijaya, Palembang is now the capital city of South Sumatera province. The city has a lot to offer, from the magnificent Ampera Bridge which crosses over 1177 meters above Musi River, to the historic Great Mosque of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II which is the largest mosque in South Sumatera. The city is also home of the Jakabaring Sports City, the main venue of 2011 Southeast Asian Games. With extensive facilities including football field, baseball and football field, aquatic center, athletic stadium, and golf course, this place is the perfect location to hold the Sports Fast Track competition.

Pristine beach of Bangka Belitung

The many islands of Raja Ampat

Being an archipelago country, Indonesia certainly has a lot of beautiful and exotic beaches that would be more than perfect for the venue of Beach Beauty Fast Track competition. The mystical island of Bali is the home of many beautiful sandy beaches, including the world famous Kuta and Sanur to name a few. But if you look for something more pristine, Bangka and Belitung is the answer. The twin islands offer many beaches, most of them are still uncorrupted and unsullied, with blue sea waters, coral reefs, fine white sand, and giant granite rock formations. Or if you look for something more adventurous, you can visit Raja Ampat, an archipelago comprising over 1500 small islands located on West Papua province. The place is literally a paradise on Earth and with its marine life diversity is the highest recorded on Earth, it is also one of the best place for diving. Other equally stunning locations to be considered for this event are Bunaken in Manado and Pink Beach in Komodo Island.

Prambanan temple at night

Bandung after the sunset

As one of the most prestigious event in Miss World, Top Model Fast Track competition deserves a spectacular location. And nowhere else in Indonesia is more suitable to host this competition other than the Prambanan temple. Located 18 km on the east of Yogyakarta, this 9th century Hindu temple would provide a dramatic and spectacular background for the contestants while they strut on the runway, especially during the night. As for Talent Fast Track competition, we would love to see it to take place in Bandung. The city, famous for its arts and culture, has several performance theaters, including Sasana Budaya Ganesha, one of the best performance theater in Indonesia, to serve as the venue for the competition.

The illuminated skyscrapers of Jakarta

National Monument, Jakarta

That leaves us with the one and the most important event of the pageant, The Final Night. So which place would be perfect to host the climax moment of the pageant? Ideally as the capital city and the biggest metropolitan area in Indonesia, Jakarta should receive the honor. The obvious choice for the venue would be Jakarta Convention Center, with a plenary hall that has 5000 seats. In addition, Jakarta also offers a lot of interesting places to visit from historic museums and monuments to the ultra modern theme park Ancol Dreamland. But in the case that Jakarta is still not ready to host the final event, Bali would still be a good alternate.

Tanah Lot temple, Bali

Clearly Indonesia already had what it takes for hosting Miss World or other international beauty pageants. The only thing left is the courage to make it into reality. How long again we have to wait? Well only time can tell. But hopefully, sometime in the near future, we can finally have Miss World or other international beauty pageants to be held in Indonesia.
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