Wednesday, August 17, 2011

By ZephEnd, Ffor Fikri, Inu Bahsalmasan, Dyra Agus Prasetyo, Ardyvanviesta, November Rain, Sneezes, and Ferriyanto Lim

The journey to find the Most Beautiful Miss Universe Contestant from The Last Decade continues in this part. Last time we already revealed to you, the 5 girls on the lower tier of our list. Now only 10 girls remain in the running towards becoming our choice for Most Beautiful Miss Universe Contestant from The Last Decade. Out of these 10, Americas still leads with 4 names, followed by Asia Pacific with 3 names. Europe is now down to only 2 names, while the last name in the Top 10 belongs to Caribbean region. No more representative from Africa as the highest ranked African contestant, Agbani Darego from Nigeria (12th place), have been eliminated in the previous part.

Now it's time to reveal and eliminate 5 more from the 10 remaining girls. These girls are the ones on the middle tier of our list, and they are ...

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Contestants from The Last Decade
6. Amelia Vega (Dominican Republic 2003)
7. Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela 2008)
8. Kurara Chibana (Japan 2006)
9. Priscilla Perales (Mexico 2006)
10. Shandi Finnessey (USA 2004)

With the revelation of the girls who placed 6th to 10th in our list, Caribbean is no longer have representative in the Top 5. The highest ranked Caribbean delegate is no other than Amelia Vega from Dominican Republic (6th place). While Mexico becomes the first country who has 2 delegates included in our list, Priscilla Perales (9th place) and Elisa Najera (14th place). Bravo Mexicana!

Now only 5 girls remain, 2 from Europe, 2 from Asia Pacific, and 1 from Americas. Which one of them will be crowned as the Most Beautiful Miss Universe Contestant from The Last Decade? Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yoghi Martino Yulian for the amazing banners!

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