Sunday, August 28, 2011

So what's up with the Miss Universe 2011 girls in Brazil? Here are a collage of pictures from their journey so far! Enjoy!

Diquinta Club
On Thursday, 25 August 2011, the girls visited one of the most popular bar and night club in Sao Paulo, Diquinta Club. There, they had a night full of leisure and enjoyed a very fun party dedicated to the beauties themselves. Let's get the party started, Ladies!

Miss France stepping out the bus with such a class and ready to rock the night!

Hey girls, can you move and shake your body like me?

Before hitting the floor, don't forget to take pictures ... of yourselves of course!

Beauties shaking the dance floor of Diquinta Club

The next generation of Charlie's Angels?

What a move! Miss Italy showing off her best dance move to the universe!

Mamma Mia Show at Teatro Abril
Still on the same night, the girls were taken to watch the musical show "Mamma Mia", currently showing at Teatro Abril (Abril Theatre) in Sao Paulo. The popular musical show is based on the songs by Swedish group ABBA. From clubbing to watching musical, what a busy night in the life of a Miss Universe contestant!

Hi guys, the stars of the night are already here! Now can we get the show started?

Au natura! Miss Nicaragua looking naturally beautiful in the natural color of lime green

Hotness alert! Miss Trinidad & Tobago exudes elegance and fierceness at the same time.
A truly "Lady in Red" vibe.

The girls gave their standing applause to honor the actors and artists participating in the musical show

A smile of Miss USA captured during the musical show in Teatro Abril

Taking pictures together in front of the historic Teatro Abril building

Stay tuned to follow the continuity of the girls journey in Brazil!

Photo Source : Global Beauties

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