Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miss Mundo Brasil 2011 : RIO GRANDE DO SUL - Juceila Bueno ......... Best Model

Miss Supranational Brasil 2012 : SERGIPE - Mariana Silvestre

Miss Global Beauty Queen Brasil 2012 : SAO PAULO - Ana Cecilia Cunha

Third Runner Up
: SANTA CATARINA - Mariana Bathke ......... Beach Beauty

Fourth Runner Up : RIO GRANDE DO NORTE - Kessia Thaiene Cortez

ESPIRITO SANTO - Rhaissa Saviero
ILHA DA PINTADA - Vanessa Koetz
MARAJO - Aline Reis
MINAS GERAIS - Juliana Kessia Rocha
TOCANTINS - Camila Serakides ......... Miss Talent

ALAGOAS - Maria Daniella Borcato
BAHIA - Paloma Veja
ILHA DOS MARINHEIROS - Paula Helwanger ......... Beauty with a Purpose
MATO GROSSO - Mariana Albuquerque ......... Miss Sports
PERNAMBUCO - Luzielle Vasconcellos ......... Miss Creativity / Miss Popularity
PIAUI - Kahuany Tufaile
RIO DE JANEIRO - Stefanie Figueiredo

Special Awards
Miss Photogenic : RIO GRANDE DO NORTE - Kessia Thaiene Cortez
Miss Congeniality : PARAIBA - Benazira Djoco
Miss Hospitality : ALAGOAS - Maria Daniella Borcato
Miss Press : ILHA DOS LOBOS - Andressa Mello
Miss Elegance : ILHA DE PORTO BELO - Dionara Lermen
Best Performance in State Pageant : PARA - Priscilla Winnie


The current franchise holder of Miss Mundo Brasil is "MMB Promocoes & Eventos Ltda" which was founded by Henrique Fontes, the man behind the world-famous pageant website Global Beauties. The organization started to send delegates to Miss World since 2006. It also manages and runs the annual Miss Global Teen and Mister Brasil pageants.
Despite its relatively young age, the pageant has been quite successful in Miss World as it has produced a finalist in 2006 and two other semifinalists in 2008 and 2009.
• Aside from the main Titleholder, the Runners Up will also be given chances to compete in international pageant. The First Runner Up will represent Brazil in Miss Supranational 2012 while the Second Runner Up will represent Brazil in Miss Global Beauty Queen 2012.
• The pageant features 7 Fast Track events which allow the winners to automatically qualify for semifinal round. The 7 Fast Track events are Beauty with a Purpose, Miss Talent, Miss Sports, Beach Beauty, Miss Creativity, Best Model, and Miss Popularity.
• A total of 34 delegates competing this year. Miss Mundo Brasil is different from Miss Brasil because in this pageant, aside from the traditional states and federal district of Brazil, delegates representing various islands in Brazil are also allowed to compete in this pageant. Therefore, the number of Miss Mundo Brasil contestants each year is usually more than the traditional 27 delegates of Miss Brasil.
• The victory of Juceila Bueno has been quite predictable from the beginning. Aside from winning the prestigious Best Model event, she also placed second in both Beach Beauty and Beauty with a Purpose events.
• Mega favorite Mariana Silvestre made a lot of blunders during the final night. First she fell down during the opening number and then she almost fell again during the evening gown competition. Despite that, she still ended up as First Runner Up and will compete at Miss Supranational 2012.
• The final round of Miss Mundo Brasil 2011 is perhaps a nightmare for girls who do not possess great communication skill as each finalist must answer not only one, not only two, but three questions! All asked by the journalists covering the event.
• The victory of Juceila Bueno also marks for the first time, Brazilian representatives for Miss Universe and Miss World, both come from the same state. Juceila Bueno and Priscilla Machado (Miss Brasil 2011 winner) are both from the states of Rio Grande do Sul.
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