Friday, May 13, 2011

Only one day left before the final of Mister Universe Model 2011 and it is time to make our final choice. Based on regional perspective, this competition is a battle between Latin Americans and Europeans, with some Asian and African dark horse as possible upset. Here is our complete list of final Leaderboard :

The Leaderboard
1. Venezuela
2. Belgium
3. Mexico
4. Brazil
5. South Africa
6. Bolivia
7. Chile
8. Portugal
9. Iraq
10. Ireland
11. Indonesia
12. Serbia
13. Colombia
14. Luxembourg
15. France

From all contestants, we have picked 5 contestants whom we think stand out among others. Brazil is tan and super exotic, South Africa has the model vibe and the experience (he was semifinalist at Manhunt International 2010), Mexico has one the best figure in the competition (he was a nominee for Best Body award), Belgium is stunning and perhaps has the best face in the entire competition, and last but not least, Venezuela with a perfect combination of handsome face, hunky body, and charming persona. And from those 5 our final choice goes to Venezuela.

So why Venezuela? Venezuela has maintained a strong and close relationship with the organizer of the pageant. Since the very first edition, they have consistently sent competitive contestants and promoted the publication of the pageants. But they have never won ... yet. Last year Edgar Moreno came close to grab the title for Venezuela. Too bad he had to compete in the same year against the ultra stunning Tarik Kaljanac. Now that the competition is not as strong as last year, and with another strong and deserving delegate such as Juan Pablo Gomez, we guess it's time for the organizer to say "thank you" to Venezuela and gives them the long overdue title.

So that's it .. the Final Leaderboard of Mister Universe Model 2011. Thanks to our members Fikriblast, Claudia Stephanie, Yoppie Kurniawan, Zefozie, Ferriyanto Lim, and Niendya who have participated in making the list. Stay tuned for the final result tomorrow!
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