Saturday, May 7, 2011

A great and healthy body is always an important criteria on male pageants. History has taught us that in most pageants, Mister Universe Model included, the contestants with the best shaped of body, particularly the winner of Best Body award, are likely doing well in the final stage competition.

For this edition of Mister Universe Model, we have invited some of our members to choose which contestants have the best body. And this is it ... IP Choice for BEST BODY Mr. Universe Model 2011 ...

Best Body Choice
1 Venezuela
2 Mexico
3 Chile
4 Portugal
5 Ukraine

Just take a look at his picture and you will understand why we think Venezuela should win Best Body award this year. He has indeed a perfect abs. Plus, Venezuela has dominated this category since the pageant inaugural edition in 2008 by winning it twice in 2008 and 2010. And with a body that perfect, we think Venezuela has a great chance to win this prestigious award for the third time.

Now it's your turn to speak your mind ... which contestant do you think has the best body this year?
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