Tuesday, May 17, 2011

By Dyra Agus Prasetyo

Texas, well known as the most successful state in the USA pageant system and also known as the friendship state which has a lot of hospitalize persons. In this occasion I’ve got luck to have an interview session with the past Title holder of Miss Texas Teen USA and Miss Photogenic Teen USA 2010 Chelsea Morgensen! Here we go guys ...

1. You are the first ever Miss Texas Teen USA to win Miss Photogenic Teen USA, how does it make you feel?
Being the first to win Miss Teen USA Photogenic award from Texas made me feel very proud and grateful to have so many people who loved and supported me throughout my pageant year. The trip to Los Angeles for the People's Choice Awards will be a memory I will cherish and remember forever.

2. In your point of view, can you describe what Texas looks like?
Texas is a remarkable place, with the friendliest people. It has so much diversity in its population, culture and terrain. We have valleys, mountains, flat lands, over miles situated on the Gulf of Mexico, plains, grass lands and the beautiful hill country. Texas has heavily populated metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. It has huge ranch areas which produce oil, gas and cattle.

3. Interesting to join Miss Texas USA pageant?
I have considered competing in the Miss division in the USA system. At the moment, I am not certain if I will but if I do, you will be one of the first to know:)

4. Between you Mom and your Dad, who is influence your life more?
Both of my parents have definitely influenced my life, but I think my Mom has influenced me more. I have spent a lot more time with her, especially in the last few years because of being in pageants and starting my modeling career.

5. What is the craziest moment during your reign as Miss Texas Teen USA?
The craziest thing during my reign as Miss Texas Teen USA had to of been driving over 16,000 miles all over the state of Texas with my mom to make appearances and travel for pageant training.

6. What serves you better in life, your title and crown, your experience, or your education?
Definitely my experiences. Life is all about learning from what you do and what you make of it. My year as Miss Texas Teen USA was a memory of a life time and it has opened many doors for me and has made a big impact on my life.

7. Which state in your prediction will win Miss USA 2011?
Well of course I want for Ana Rodriguez, Miss Texas USA to win. There are so many very beautiful women competing for the title, and I know that whoever wins will represent the USA beautifully at Miss Universe!

8. The last one: we know that today the world seems to be smaller, we can connect to another people in another country easily. what do you think of your self first, the citizen of your state , your country, or the world?
I feel first like a Texas girl. I'm also very proud of the wonderful country i live in, and would love to see the world at peace and come together as one.

Thanks a lot for her having given a time for us and make this interview possible, and her mom, Kelly Morgensen who have given a permission to interview and to post some pix of her daughter.

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