Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our coverage for Mister Universe Model 2011 kicks off with the schedule and list of important events that all the contestant must attend during the 2 weeks competition at Dominican Republic. Among the list are various shows and competitions that will help the judges to make the first cut into Top 15. Check out the events here!

2 May 2011
The contestants from all around the world are arriving at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, marking the kick off of the competition.

3 May 2011
Official photo shoot session for all contestants and press conference will be held today. They would also visit Zona Colonial, a small historical town nestled in the middle of the capital city, Santo Domingo. The town is an integral part of early Dominican Republic settlements, with over than 300 pieces of history including the monuments, homes, streets and churches dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus' arrival in 1492.

4 May 2011
The contestants will participate in official swimsuit filming and a fashion show. A part of the pageant tradition, the fashion show of Mister Universe Model is normally held in conjuction with Dominican Republic Fashion Week and attended by several important names. Last year, Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez was among its special guest star. This year fashion show will feature clothes designed by four designers,Mauricio Alberino, Martin Polanco, Wilson Alsequiez, and Robert Flores.

5 May 2011
Culture vultures and costume lovers, mark your calendar because today the contestants will display the beauty of their nation through their national costume in official national costume filming.

6 May 2011
The contestants will leave Santo Domingo for Puerto Plata

7 May 2011
One of the most important competition will take place today, Best Body competition. The Best Body competition is a good indicator to see which contestants are favored by the judges as the winner and finalists of this mini competition tend to make the cut and go far in the main competition.

8 May 2011
The contestants will participate in official sports activities filming.

9 May 2011
The contestants will leave Puerto Plata for Punta Cana

10 May 2011
Today main activity is rehearsal for the final night. But after rehearsing all day long, the contestants will get a chance to get relax and party all night long at the Disco Night event.

11 May 2011
Another tradition of Mister Universe Model, the contestants will participate in a fashion show by the pool of Barcelo Punta Cana Hotel where they will model an array of beach wear and casual suit.

12 May 2011
Time for White Party! The White Party is an annual event at Mister Universe Model where the contestants throw a party at the beach with "white" as the compulsory dress code. It is normally held one night before the preliminary judging.

13 May 2011
After almost 2 weeks of competition, the fate of the contestants will be decided today as they are judged in preliminary competition. The judges will select 14 of them to go through the semifinal while the last spot will be decided by public via internet voting.

14 May 2011
The most important event of the competition will finally held today : the final night. During the event, 15 contestants will be selcted as semifinalists, 5 will be selected as finalists, and 1 will be seelcted as Mister Universe Model 2011, succeeding Tarik Kaljanac from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

15 May 2011
Departure time ... the contestants will depart and return to their home country.

Okay folks, so that's all your menu for the next 2 weeks of competition. Stay tuned for more coverage of Mister Universe Model 2011, including our first Leaderboard!

Source : Belleza Venezolana
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