Thursday, May 12, 2011

By Ayus Wijaya

A contestant of Miss World 1953, Marina Papaelia from Egypt, is probably one of the most controversial contestant in Miss World history. A clear favorite to win the crown that time, she was perhaps famous for her “diva” personality. Her undeniable beauty catapulted Marina to Top 6 placement, but perhaps it was her attitude that prevented her to win. She only placed as 2nd Runner Up, beaten by a girl who even had never worn make-up before the contest, Denise Perrier from France.

Miss World 1953 Top 3 Marina is the one in the right

However the story doesn't stop there. Expecting herself to win, Marina screamed, threw a tantrum, and screamed "I theenk she steenk" about the winner Miss France and then and fainted in disappointment when she only placed as 2nd Runner Up. This Diva Cleopatra certainly didn't take her loss easily.

Marina screamed in disappointment at her third-place finish

14 years later, in his book “The Miss World Story” published in 1967, creator of Miss Word contest Eric Morley wrote a special section about Marina, telling that “...despite the headaches and frights she gave me at the time I shall always remember her as one of the outstanding figures, in every way, among all those who have entered the contest at any time.”

So future pageant competitors, remember no matter how gorgoeus you are, attitude still matters!

Source : Pageantopolis and Beauty School
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