Thursday, October 11, 2012

What makes a body beautiful? We don't deny that in pageant, size does matters, and most of the time a beautiful body is identified with a slim figure. However we don't want the overly skinny borderline anorexic body too. So, if it is up to us, we would define a beautiful body, pageant-wise, as a curvaceous and slim yet a toned and healthy body. And that is what we think these 7 women have in common. We initially tried to pick only 5 of them but in the end we ended up with 7 choices as the most beautiful body at Miss International 2012. How about yourself ... do you agree with our choice?

First Place
PARAGUAY - Nicole Huber

Second Place

Third Place
INDIA - Rochelle Maria Rao

Fourth Place
COLOMBIA - Melissa Varon

Fifth Place
UNITED KINGDOM - Alize Lily Mounter

Sixth Place
MEXICO - Jessica Garcia Formenti

Seventh Place
GUAM - Chanel Cruz Jarett

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