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Being the challenge event (formerly a Fast Track) which is closely related to the fashion realm, Miss World Top Model has adopted the nature of fashion itself - where trends always change - at least in selecting its winner. Over the years following Miss World contest closely and religiously, we start to notice how the type of winners chosen for this particular category has undergone an interesting turn of choice, which can be divided into 3 different era - Victoria's Secret, Hollywood, and Fashion Week - each with its own characteristics. Join us in a journey throughout these years as we explore the change in trend of Miss World Top Model winner after the jump!

 The 7 Top Models of Miss World pageant
We begin our journey with an era that we call as "Victoria's Secret". The only winner from this era, Yessica Ramirez from Mexico is a living reflection of the era's name. With her sexy figure, golden tan skin, and voluptuous body, Yessica is everything that you should expect from a Victoria's Secret angel, a top model who also oozes "va-va-voom" vibe. Though the rest of Top Model winners also undeniably posses beautiful figure (all of them also placed at Beach Beauty event), but Yessica is the one that stands out with her sensuous persona.

Yessica Ramirez - "Victoria's Secret" top model

After 2 years of absence, Top Model was back with a new era and a new trend of winners. The three winners from this second era, interestingly, come from three totally different racial background, but they have something in common - divinely beautiful face with a glamorous diva persona - or in a short word, they are all Goddess. Zhang Zilin from China, Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia, and Perla Beltran from Mexico, all of them possess the star-like quality of a Hollywood starlet, hence we dub this era as the "Hollywood" era. An era where the winners of Top Model are, in our opinion, facially the most beautiful contestant in the year they are competing, with the spark of glam and glitz that belongs to a world-class celebrity.

 Zhang Zi Lin, Ksenia Sukhinova, & Perla Beltran - "Hollywood" top model

The next winner, Mariann Birkedal from Norway, is an interesting case in which she does not fully belongs to one category. Instead she serves a a bridge or a buffer between "Hollywood" era and the next era - the "Fashion Week". Mariann still possess that starlet quality of a Hollywood celebrity but she also shares the supermodel edge that belongs to the winners after her. She is, in a way, a transition between the glamorous celebrity type of winners and the exotic supermodel type of winners.

Mariann Birkedal - "Hollywood" cross "Fashion Week" top model

The current era is dubbed "Fashion Week" era for one obvious reason - that the winners of this era reflects the stereotype of a catwalk model that you will find in a world-class fashion week. Two winners from this era, Zhanna Zhumaliyeva from Kazakhstan and Atong Demach from South Sudan, are not the most beautiful contestant in the bunch nor a super beauty like their predecessors. They are, however, blessed with their exotic edgy look and fierce catwalk that would make them a stunner on the runway.While both of them are still beautiful in their own way, it is crystal clear the main factor in selecting the winner of Top Model in this era does not rely on facial beauty again. Instead the edginess and the fierceness possessed by  a contestant while strutting the runway is taken as the main consideration.

Zhanna Zhumaliyeva & Atong Demach - "Fashion Week" top model

We can't wait for Miss World 2013 to see if this era of "Fashion Week" will continue for another year or will we be treated with a new type of winner. Now a question for all of you - which type of Top Model winners do you prefer? "Victoria's Secret", "Hollywood", or "Fashion Week"?

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  1. Funny how the two women of color you mentioned were coined exotic, and not pretty.

    Both Atong and Zhanna are beautiful women. They just don't meet Western European standards of beauty.


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