Saturday, October 13, 2012

Out of all the major pageants we follow each year, Miss International is perhaps the most unpredictable. That is caused, mostly, because we never really understand the judging process and criteria behind the selection of its winner. Regardless it won't stop us to release our Leaderboard and predict the winner. We are lucky because this year, aside from the official picture (which features the girls in their own selection of swimsuit), we are treated with lush of pictures of the pageant activities from social media likes Facebook and Twitter. They really help us in selecting the faves and eventually shapes up this first Leaderboard for Miss International 2012.

The Leaderboard
1. Colombia
2. Brazil
3. Thailand
4. Poland
5. Dominican Republic
6. Paraguay
7. India
8. United Kingdom
9. Philippines
10. Spain
11. Sri Lanka
12. Guam
13. Argentina
14. Japan
15. Indonesia

So statistically speaking, South American region has won more Miss International crowns than any other region in the past 10 editions, and naturally our choice goes to a sensual and exotic Goddess of South American origin, Colombia. A fave of many pageants fans around the world, she has what it takes to bring the fourth crown to her homeland. Runner Up position is awarded to Brazil who has the face of the competition (facially we think she is even more beautiful than Colombia), but makes us worried with her figure which is not completely in shape. And in the third place we have Thailand, a country which has been doing so well at this pageant lately and this year once again sends a worthy contender for the crown.

Surely with one more week to go, there will be some changes and adjustments for our Leaderboard. Until then .... stay tuned!

Thanks to Fadly Ulum for the amazing banner!

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