Friday, November 25, 2011

When it comes to male pageant, the powerhouse nations, without a doubt, are Brazil and Spain. Both nations have established a highly qualified pageant system, both in terms of contestant and production. And both have also achieved several international achievements, including a Mister World title, whom considered by many pageant fans as the most important title in male pageant realm.

The 2011 edition of Mister Espana (or Mister Spain) itself will be held tonight at the Palacio de los SueƱos, Seville. As per tradition, 52 contestants from all around Spain will compete for the title. We have asked the opinion of or expert members on who are the best among these 52 boys, and here is their choice for Mister Espana 2011 Leaderboard

The Leaderboard
1. A Coruna
2. Alicante
3. Huesca
4. Caceres
5. Malaga
6. Sevilla
7. Giupuzkoa
8. Valencia
9. Las Palmas
10. Jaen
11. Lleida
12. Mellila
13. Tarragona
14. Teruel
15. Illes Balears
16. Toledo
17. Burgos
18. Tenerife
19. Cordoba
20. Salamanca

So who will be crowned Mister Espana 2011? Watch the final night LIVE via streaming on this website and find out the answer for yourself! Stay tuned!

Special thanks to our experts ZephEnd, November Rain, and Fikriblast for helping us with the Leaderboard!
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