Sunday, November 6, 2011

With only hours before the last moments of Alexandria Mills reign as Miss World 2010, here is our final forecast for Miss World 2011. Check it out!

The Leaderboard
1. Venezuela
2. Sweden
3. Ireland
4. Puerto Rico
5. India
6. Ukraine
7. Georgia
8. Kazakhstan
9. Hungary
10. United States
11. France
12. Bolivia
13. Argentina
14. Paraguay
15. England
16. Australia
17. Colombia
18. Bonaire
19. Zimbabwe
20. Korea
21. Philippines
22. Saint Barts
23. Spain
24. Martinique
25. Brazil
26. China
27. Guatemala
28. Scotland
29. Italy
30. Indonesia

Fast Track Prediction
Sports : Paraguay
Talent : Kazkahstan
Beach Beauty : Ukraine
Top Model : Venezuela
Beauty with a Purpose : Zimbabwe

For the last two Fast Tracks, we predict Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe as the winners. Tough there are a lot of exciting and entertaining talent this year, Kazakhstan's clothes-changing trick is clearly unique and needs a special skill to do, which is why we think she should win this round. As for Zimbabwe, aside from her inspiration work in raising awareness and educate rural areas on the importance of clean water and sanitation, she also seems to be one of Miss World Organization fave girl, and that could be an advantage for her.

As for the Leaderboard itself, a lot of changes has happened since our first Leaderboard three weeks ago. The results from Fast Track events along with the interview videos of the contestants have greatly affected our choice for the Leaderboard. And for the final time, the girls that we think have the best chance of winning the 61st Miss World title are Venezuela, India, Sweden, Ireland, and Puerto Rico. But as usual, Miss World is an unpredictable pageant, and anything can actually happen tonight!

So that is our last Leaderboard for Miss World 2011. Special thanks to Fikriblast, Zeph End, Inu Bahsalmasan, November Rain, and Sneezes who have helped us in creating these Leaderboards and also to Yutha Diantra for the amazing banner!
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