Friday, November 4, 2011

The third Leaderboard for Miss World 2011 is now published with several changes based on Beach Beauty and Top Model competition result held simultaneously last weekend. These two Fast Tracks are always regarded as the most important indicators to predict who will likely perform well in the main competition, and this Leaderboard is certainly affected by the outcome of these two events!

The Leaderboard
1. Venezuela
2. Sweden
3. Ireland
4. Georgia
5. Puerto Rico
6. India
7. Ukraine
8. Hungary
9. United States
10. Kazakhstan
11. Colombia
12. Paraguay
13. France
14. Australia
15. Bonaire
16. Bolivia
17. Argentina
18. Honduras
19. Guatemala
20. Scotland
21. England
22. Zimbabwe
23. Korea
24. Philippines
25. Brazil

Fast Track Prediction
Sports : Paraguay
Beach Beauty : Ukraine
Top Model : Venezuela

Now into the list! Firstly, two more Fast Track predictions have been added since the last edition, namely Ukraine for Beach Beauty and Venezuela for Top Model. They are the top favorite for each category based on a poll run on our forum. However we do realize that, with such a competitive batch of qualifiers for both events, the Fast Tracks are still open game for everyone.

Secondly, some girls who were ignored before, such as Bolivia, Argentina, Korea, and Zimbabwe, are now started to be noticed. Bolivia drops the bomb on the Beach Beauty competition with her banging body while Argentina stuns us with her charm and elegance while wearing a beautiful golden yellow gown during the Top Model competition. Both Korea and Zimbabwe were not even in our Top 40 list several days ago, but now both of them are in our Top 25 list after their terrific performance on both Fast Tracks.

Lastly, there is a small change on the top pack of our Leaderboard. Venezuela has gained some momentum and now leads the list, replacing Ireland. But the former leader does not fall too far, she is still in the third place. Most of the other top faves from the previous Leaderboard, India, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and Georgia are still orbiting around the top of the pyramid too, with only a slight change in their placement.

There will still be one final Leaderboard tomorrow when we will make a final adjustment based on the girls personal interview with the judges. We will also make our bold prediction on who will likely to win the last two Fast Tracks. Will your fave finally enter the Leaderboard? Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the terrific banner!
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