Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two weeks have passed since the arrival of Miss World delegates in London. So what activities have they done so far? Check out the their journey in this part!

Taping and Photo Shoot at Thames River
The delegates took part in a taping and photo shoot session at the Thames river in London, in front of many historical buildings that line the river bank, including the Parliament House and the world famous Big Ben. They also had the opportunity to ride the world famous “London Eye”, a giant ferris wheel located in the south bank of the Thames river. From the eye the most fabulous views of the city can be appreciated.

Host delegate England and the Big Ben

American girls! United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic

Next it's Asia! China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, and Philippines

And finally ... time for the European! France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium

Royal ladies! The girls from the four United Kingdom realms and their neighbor Ireland

Feel the breeze Puerto Rico

Through the looking glass of London Eye

Vietnam and the panoramic view of the city

The girls inside the London Eye

One .. two .. three .. four ... everywhere is a catwalk for these girls LOL

Double Decker Tour
In addition to the Thames river visit, Miss World 2011 London tour also includes a special trip on the world famous London's double decker bus to visit some of the most iconic landmarks in the city.

Perfect combos : London, double decker buses, and beauties from around the world

Welcome to the city of London!

Bonaire looking so chic in those sunglasses

Snap ... snap ... snap!

Between these two double deckers, which side would you choose?

Ireland and Netherlands enjoying the tour

Hellooooo London .... greetings from Ireland!

La Belle Georgia!

Thames River Photoshoot Video

Stay tuned for the rest of our Miss World 2011 coverage, including the Final Leaderboard!
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