Thursday, July 28, 2011

By Yunaalex

Have you ever wondered how much a pageant crown actually cost? Believe it or not, one of them even cost as much as US$ 1 million! Here are some of the most expensive crowns in pageant, compiled by our member Yunaalex.

Miss Russia Crown

It is made from white gold material and contains 2,358 diamonds and 14 rare pearls

Estimated price :
US$ 1 Million = IDR 8,514,999,808

Miss Intercontinental Crown

It contains 720 diamonds with a total weight of 21 carats, including one big diamond of 5.5 carats

Estimated price :
US$ 361,446 = IDR 3,077,712,640

Miss Slovak Republic Universe Crown

It contains 268 diamonds and clear amethysts

Estimated price :
€ 90,000 = IDR 1,099,350,016

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