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- Across the Universe -
They are stars, the brightest one in each country. This summer, they will travel all along the way, across the universe, to gather in Sao Paulo where one of them will conquer the universe. As a celebration of Miss Universe pageant diamond anniversary, we dedicate this section for them. The beauties from all corners of the universe, who will fight to become the one and only, Miss Universe 2011!

Xhesika Berberi - ALBANIA (24 / 175 cm)
Long before she is confirmed as Miss Universe Albania, Xhesika has been a hot topic among pageant fans around he world. Her name was heard first in 2009 when some Albanian fans suggested her name as a potential candidate to become Albanian representative for Miss Universe. Then in 2010, once again her name resurfaced during the Miss Universe season. But it's not until 2011 when the big news comes, Xhesika Berberi is officially crowned as Miss Universe Albania. This Albanian beauty works as a professional photo and catwalk model.

Gillain Berry - ARUBA (24/175 cm)
Gillain Berry is an Aruban model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Aruba 2010 on 4 December 2010 and will represent her country in both Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2011. Berry works as a professional model, appearing on local television commercials and magazine ads. She plans to study for her bachelor's degree at the University of Aruba and speaks English and Papiamento.

Yayra Erica Nego - GHANA (26/ 172 cm)
Yayra Erica Nego is a no stranger to the Trump's pageant as she has once represented the state of Minnesota in Miss USA 2009 where she was a Top 15 semifinalist. Yayra is a child of the world, her father is Ghanaian and her mother is American of German and Persian ancestry. Her multiracial roots also explains why she is allowed to compete at both Miss USA and Miss Ghana. She's also a professional model.

Ema Jagodic - SLOVENIA (26 /175 cm)
Ema Jagodic is perhaps a mystery. Not much is known about her and aside from her name, her age, and her height, all we know about her is that she will represent Slovenia in Miss Universe 2011.

Olivia Pinheiro - BOLIVIA ( 27 / 174 cm )
María Olivia Pinheiro Menacho is a Bolivian beauty pageant titleholder and model who was crowned Miss Bolivia 2010. Born in Andrés Ibáñez, Santa Cruz on 29 October 1983, she started her pageant career in 1999 when, after just turning 16 years old, she represented her country at Miss Model of the World in Turkey. Since then she has participated in various pageants, including Queen of the World 2000, International Queen of Flowers 2001, Miss Intercontinental 2002, International Female Model 2003, and Reina Hispanoamericana 2010. She was almost disqualified from competing at Miss Universe 2011 due to her age. However in June 2011, the organizer of Miss Bolivia announced that Olivia would remain the Bolivian representative to Miss Universe 2011, securing her participation in the pageant.

Maria Kamiyama - JAPAN (23 / 168 cm)
Maria Kamiyama is a Japanese model and sales clerk from Osaka who won Miss Universe Japan 2011. Prior to participating in her national pageant, she has worked in Hawaii for several years.

Melisa Asli Pamuk - TURKEY (20 /176 cm)
Melisa, who was born 14 April 1991, is the reigning Turkish beauty pageant titleholder, occasional film actress, and model. She is studying Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. She also won the title of "Best Promising" in Best Model of Turkey 2009 and stands 1.76 m. This multilingual beauty queen is fluent in Turkish, English, Dutch, and German and speaks a bit of French. She began modeling at the age of 14. She has also become a leading role actress in a Dutch movie in 2004.

Chloe Beth Morgan - GREAT BRITAIN (25 / 172 cm)
Chloe Beth Morgan is a beauty queen from Cwmbran, Wales, who won the 2008 Miss Wales contest and competed in the Miss World competition held in South Africa, later that year. Being the highest scored among the British delegates in Miss World 2008, Morgan was chosen to represent the United Kingdom in Miss International 2009, where she placed third. She once moved to Spain for two and a half years to work as an entertainer and dancer. She has a national diploma with a distinction in musical theatre, which she earned when she was 18, and is currently at the University studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in health, exercise and nutrition.

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