Saturday, July 9, 2011

By Prasetyo Pamungkas

1. Would you tell us about yourself?
My name is Avalon Chanel Weyzig, I am 21 years old and come from Holland. Happily proud to have Indonesian roots, my dad was born in Bandung. I have 1 older brother and a younger little sister. When I was 18 years old, I lived 1 year in Barcelona to study Spanish and after I moved back to Holland, I competed in the Miss Netherlands pageant. Luck or not, I won and so became Miss Netherlands 2009. I competed in the Miss Universe 2009, Miss World 2009 and Miss World Cup 2010 pageants. I adore most spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends. I like playing golf, go shopping, singing and dancing. My motto: The world is mine. (El mundo es mio - written on my right foot)

2. What are you doing now after Miss Universe days?
After I passed my crown forward, I didn’t really had an idea what I was supposed to do, so I chose the easiest way and went back to study International Business and Languages.
After a few months I realized that it wasn’t the right choice I have had made. My inside was so passionate for modeling, but for some reason I kept pushing it away, until one day I met a very special guy (who now is my boyfriend) on a photo shooting who was an international model.
From that day on I have been traveling the world with him. I know it may sounds cliché, but he let me see the real me and pulled out the model in me. I have traveled in Turkey, Italy and at the moment I am living and working as a model in Beijing, China.

3. What made you interested to join pageant?
Actually I had never followed a pageant before on TV or anywhere, so I didn’t know anything about it. One day after I moved back to Holland I saw on the front page of the newspaper that the organization was looking for a new Miss Holland.I called my friend and told her about it and she said I should compete, just for the fun of it. I filled in the application form and 1 week later I got an invitation to come to the Miss Holland auditions. That day there were 3 elections and I
made it to the finals. In full surprise, 1,5 week later I got crowned as Miss Netherlands 2009.
In the beginning, it was never my intention to really compete in a pageant, but after the elections during the auditions, I became so interested in beauty pageants and I have fought from the beginning till the end to finally represent my country in the Miss Universe ‘09, Miss World ‘09 and Miss World Cup ‘10 pageants.

4. If you are given a chance to meet someone, who will it be?
First person that came to my mind is Beyoncé Knowles. She has been inspiring me for many years with her voice and lyrics in her songs. They have given me so much strength in difficult times. Second I would like to meet Derek Ogilvie, he is a ghost whisperer from Scotland, who has been given many readings in Holland already, but I never had a chance to meet him. He is able to get in contact with spirits and I would really like to have a reading from him to hopefully get in contact and get answers on many questions.

5. In your opinion, in what role does a man add most to a woman - father, son or a partner?
I would say that all 3 persons add so much to a woman. In different and connected ways.
A (my) father is that one person who will always see you as his little girl, who will always give you the best and most wise advice, the person that you look up to, who inspires and protects you. The person that will always be proud of you and will forgive every mistake you
make. The person that you may treasure the most.
I don’t know exactly (yet) how a son adds value to a woman, but I can say that it must feel wonderful and add so many emotions and values to your life. I hope one day I can experience this.
A (my) partner is that one person you hope to be with forever. Who adds another special way of love to your life, compared to the love you get from your family and friends. Being in love is one of the most valuable things in life, the one thing that everyone should have or
feel. It’s the person you share your whole life with, in hope to be understand, support and loved. This person is not only your partner, but maybe also your best friend…

6. There is a proverb said "The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth." Your Comment?
I say: Those who are flying in the air and believe that they can walk on water, but still stand with both feet on the ground, are the ones who will reach their dreams and goals in life! And that is a miracle that you can achieve all by yourself.

7. Have you been in Indonesia?
Unfortunately I haven’t been to this paradise yet, but I am planning to visit it next summer!

8. What is the craziest experience that you ever had?
I have jumped with a parachute from a extremely high mountain in Turkey when I was 14 years old! It took me 1,5 hour to reach the ground again. It was awesome and one of my craziest experiences.

9. Do you believe in miracle?
Yes I do. I also believe that to be the miracle yourself, by helping others, care, share, love and support, you will get and see miracles for it in return.
"Don't believe in miracles, depend on them."- Laurence J. Peter

10. Last but not the least, what is your message to all your Indonesian fans?
Thank you all for the love and support that I received from you during the international beauty pageants. Still I receive a lot of emails and messages, which I’m all trying to respond! I hope that when I am in Indonesia, I can keep a big party where you can all come to. Especially you have been given me great motivation to keep on going strong in happiness!

Please never forget to live your life to the fullest, because the world is yours! And never regret the things you have done, but the things that you haven’t done in your life.

All the love, forever yours Miss Netherlands 2009. El mundo es mio” - Avalon Chanel Weyzig
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