Wednesday, July 20, 2011

By Ayus Wijaya

You must have heard a lot about Miss South Africa, but have you ever heard about Miss Africa South? During the year 1970 until 1976, Miss World pageant actually allowed 2 representatives from South Africa to compete each year, one black and one white contestants. The white Caucasian contestant would wear the South Africa sash while the black African contestant would wear the controversial Africa South sash.

Pearl Jansen, the first Miss Africa South, at Miss World 1970

The participation of Africa South in Miss World drew a lot of controversy. It was criticized as pro-apartheid, a racist politics implemented in South Africa at that time. As the protest getting bigger from year to year, Miss World organization finally decided that thewe would be no longer Miss Africa South since 1977.

Also in 1970, both Africa South & South Africa are among the Runners Up

Here are the list of Miss Africa South and their placement at Miss World pageant :
1970 - Pearl Jansen - First Runner Up
1971 - Gail Ryan
1972 - Cynthia Shange
1973 - Ellen Peters - Semifinalist
1974 - Evelyn Peggy Williams - Semifinalist
1975 - Lydia Gloria Johnstone
1976 - Veronica Rozette Kuki Matsepe

Source : Pageantopolis
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