Monday, December 16, 2013

With only a day before the Grand Final is held, here are 15 girls that we think should make the final placement of Miss International 2013.

Top 15
(in ranking order)

1. Iceland
2. Philippines
3. Venezuela
4. Poland
5. Lithuania

6. Netherlands
7. Russia
8. Sweden
9. Brazil
10. Finland
11. India
12. Indonesia
13. Gabon
14. Korea
15. Japan

It is clear that thus year batch is one of the weakest ever of Miss International history. But despite that, there are still some stand outs who have better and brighter chance to be crowned as Ikumi Yoshimatsu's successor (though she was reportedly will not attend the Final ceremony due to security problem). So who will be Miss International 2013? Stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of : Katsutoshi Soeno

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