Saturday, December 15, 2012

89 beautiful costumes, all as shining as the brightest stars in the universe, but only 10 of which could claim the spot as the best national costume. Difficult? Yes! But not impossible as we finally did it and select the 10 best national costume of Miss Universe 2012 contestants. In a mix of cultural tribute and fiesta spirit, we decide to pick the costumes that reflect the countries spirit in the most creative, unique, extravagant, and spectacular design. And from top to bottom here they are the lucky 10!

First Place
CHINA - Ji Dan Xu

Second Place
MEXICO - Karina Gonzalez

 Third Place
THAILAND - Farida Waller

 Fourth Place
PERU - Nicole Faveron

Fifth Place
INDONESIA - Maria Selena

Sixth Place
NETHERLANDS - Nathalie den Dekker

Seventh Place
SRI LANKA - Sabrina Herft

 Eighth Place
HONDURAS - Jennifer Andrade

  Ninth Place
VENEZUELA - Irene Esser

 Tenth Place
VIETNAM - Luu Thi Diem Huong

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