Friday, December 6, 2013

With only a day before the Grand Final is held, here are 16 girls that we think should make the final placement of Miss Earth 2013.

Top 16
(in ranking order)

1. Venezuela
2. Thailand
3. Philippines
4. Ukraine

5. India
6. Brazil
7. Poland
8. Mexico

9. Bolivia
10. Korea
11. Serbia
12. Indonesia
13. Martinique
14. Bosnia & Herzegovina
15. South Africa
16. France

After a series of competitions, sponsor awards, medalists, and preliminaries, it seems clear that Venezuela, Thailand, Philippines, Ukraine, and India are the "Fantastic Five" of this year edition. One of these 5 should be crowned Miss Earth 2013. But for the rest of the delegates, the journey is not over yet. There is still some final moments left to make a big surprise and snatch the crown from the so-called contenders. So who will be Miss Earth 2013? Stay tuned!

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