Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Continental Queens, in Miss World, are special awards given to the best contestant from each region. After almost a month of competition, we can finally make our prediction for the best girl from each region, whom we think should be crowned the Continental Queens of Miss World 2012.  And here they are our prediction for Miss World 2012 Continental Queen winners!

 Asia Oceania

Continental Queen prediction : China
Close calls : Australia, Philippines

Continental Queen prediction : Wales
Close calls : Ukraine, Israel


Continental Queen prediction : Jamaica
Close calls : Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe


Continental Queen prediction : Colombia
Close calls : Brazil, Mexico


Continental Queen prediction : South Sudan
Close calls : Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea

Now how about yourself? Who is your fave to win each Continental Queen titles? Don't be shy to share and stay tuned for Miss World 2012 Grand Final on 18 August 2012 to find out who will be the actual winners of each Challenge Events!

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