Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Miss World 2012 contestants have done so many activities around China, and now the competition is already near the end game. From 7 challenge events, which will add points the the Scoreboard, we have learned the shortlists of 4 events. Obviously girls who make the cut at many events are more favored to place in the Grand Final. This second Leaderboard is greatly affected by the placement of the contestants in these challenge events. But we do not want to forget to consider another factors, like beauty and charisma, which also play important factors in Miss World. After combining these factors altogether, we finally made our choice and there are :

The Leaderboard
1. Wales
2. Colombia
3. China
4. Ukraine
5. Israel
6. Philippines
7. Australia
8. Mexico
9. Brazil
10. Poland
11. Jamaica
12. Guadeloupe
13. Russia
14. South Sudan
15. Puerto Rico
16. Paraguay
17. Kazakhstan
18. Spain
19. Indonesia
20. Turkey
21. France
22. Nepal
23. Czech Republic
24. Greece
25. Seychelles

Wales, a demure beauty who started to get more and more noticed, is now jumping into the first position. Not far behind is Colombia who, in our opinion, has the most beautiful face in the competition. Even without host nation status, China is sending a very strong contestant this year, and we expect a Top 3 finish from her. Completing the Top 7 in our Second Leaderboard are the supermodel Ukraine, the eternal youth beauty Israel, the beatboxing queen Philippines, and the beautiful eyes Australia.

With exactly one week to go, we will release one more Leaderboard. Will the list remain the same or will there be another major shakeups? Stay tuned!

Thanks to Yutha Diantra for the amazing banner!

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