Friday, August 10, 2012

Changshu, whose name could be translated as "place where there is always crop harvest", is a city with mild climate located at Jiangsu province. It has enjoyed a high level of agriculture civilization since ancient times and is known for its long history, beautiful scenery, and prosperity. With such reputation, it is no wonder that the city is chosen to become the next destination for Miss World 2012 contestants after their tour on Shanghai. Check out their adventures in the pictures below!

Miss Italy posed in front of the picturesque ornamental water gardens of Changshu, home to thousands of water lily and lotus.

During their visit to Shang Lake, the contestants also got to taste Chinese culture by witnessing a traditional music performance.

Changshu is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but also its fashion. The contestants visited the headquarter of BoSiDeng, a famous Chinese fashion label founded in 1976 and has since expanded  around the world. the brand is the only holder of the Grand Prize of Chinese Industry for consumer goods, and has just opened a store in London's West End to coincide with the start of the 2012 London Olympic Games. 

Also visited by the contestants is Changshu Clothing City. There each contestant was given a beautiful blue and white silk scarf as welcome gift. Not only that, An entire floor of the vast shopping centre was then closed off especially for the contestants to browse. Girls, it's time for shopping!

Miss World 2012 contestants took a bamboo boat tour during their visit to Changshu wetlands.

Sunny blue sky accompanies the girls during their raft journey on Shang Lake. They were also treated to a rousing river song by their oarsman.

Finally, the girls visited a library of the Ching Dynasty era (1644 - 1911), house for around 2501 texts concerning every subject from medicine to Buddhism. There were also paintings and sample manuscripts dating back to around 800 years ago. 

Smiling to the photographer, Miss Canada did not want to miss a chance to take a picture besides an ancient Tang dynasty carvings outside the historic library.

Status : county-level city
Area : 1,264 km2
Population : 1,047,700
Density : 830 / km2
GDP : CNY 97.2 billion

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