Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our hot faves for Miss World Philippines 2012. In its inaugural year the pageant has managed to produce a winner who would eventually become the First Runner Up at Miss World 2011. Now with, arguably, better batch of contestants, the Miss World crown is no longer a daydream for Filipino. Choosing 7 out of these 25 contestants is not an easy task, considering the quality of the contestants this year. And here are our choices!

 First Place
Queeneerich Rehman

Second Place
Mary Anne Ross Misa

Third Place
April Love Jordan

Fourth Place
Kay Wigand

Fifth Place
Fer Mary Baliquig

Sixth Place
Paula Rich Bartolome

Seventh Place
Maham Ahmed

The official result of Miss World Philippines 2012 will be revealed tomorrow night during the final gala. Who will be the successor of Gwen Ruais? Stay tuned!
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