Friday, June 29, 2012

Our hot faves for Miss World China 2012, who will play the role as the host of 62nd Miss World contest this August. The pageant is considered as the most important beauty pageant in the mainland of China. It has a long history of selecting beautiful winners, including the Goddess Zhang Zi Lin, winner of Miss World 2007 contest. The 2012 edition seems, once again, a golden year for this pageant as they manage to harvest an array of beautiful and statuesque young women. And from all contestants, here are some that we wish would become the host delegate for Miss World 2012!

First Place
Hui Zhu Liu

Second Place
Wen Xia Yu

Third Place
Wei Xu

Fourth Place
Ya Zhen Ma

Fifth Place
Yi Wang

The official result of Miss World China 2012 will be announced during the final held on the last day of June 2012. Who will be the host delegate of Miss World 2012? Stay tuned!
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