Sunday, June 3, 2012

With only hours before the long awaited final, here are our faves for Miss USA 2012. This list of faves were made based on their overall candid and official pictures throughout the competition as well as their performance at preliminary round and their interview video (as a preview to judge their communication skill). As per tradition, whoever wins this prestigious national pageant will represent the USA at Miss Universe 2012.

 First Place
TEXAS - Brittany Booker

Second Place
NEVADA - Jade Kelsall

Third Place 
CALIFORNIA - Natalie Pack

Fourth Place 
MICHIGAN - Kristen Danyal

Fifth Place 
ALABAMA - Katherine Webb

Sixth Place 
GEORGIA - Jazz Wilkins

Seventh Place 
OHIO - Audrey Bolte

Eighth Place 
LOUISIANA - Erin Edmiston

Ninth Place 
MARYLAND - Nana Meriwether

Tenth Place 
NEW MEXICO - Jessica Martin
Eleventh Place 
RHODE ISLAND - Olivia Culpo

Twelfth Place 
VIRGINIA - Catherine Muldoon
Thirteenth Place 
SOUTH DAKOTA - Taylor Niesen

 Fourteenth Place 
DELAWARE - Krista Clausen

 Fifteenth Place 
COLORADO - Marybel Gonzalez

 Sixteenth Place 
INDIANA - Megan Myrehn

The official result of Miss USA 2012 will be announced during the final on 3 June 2012. Will Texas snatch their tenth crown? Will being a home turf give Nevada its lucky charm? Will Delaware break their curse? We will find out in a few hours!
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