Saturday, February 11, 2012

We love Next Top Model series, mainly because of their stunning and exhilarating
ideas of photo shoot. Sometimes we wonder if some of these ideas could be used as an inspiration for photo shoot in pageants as well, especially now that photo shoot in pageants starts to become more important than ever. To that end, we have compiled 10 out of hundreds of photo shoot ideas from Next Top Model series around the world that we think would be perfect to be used in pageants. In no particular order, here are those 10 inspirational ideas ... and BTW pardon us if most of them are taken from the Aussie series because their photo shoots are simply amazing!

"Lady Gaga in a Coffin"
from Australia's Next Top Model cycle 7

Where else the most suitable setting for a photo shoot which styling and costume design is inspired from the eccentric Lady Gaga other than a coffin? Combining some otherworldly costumes with an eerie yet elegant setting, this photo shoot really takes creepiness and weirdness into a new level.

"Swimwear on a Beach"
from Australia's Next Top Model cycle 6

Sometimes simplicity is the best policy. This photo shoot is a very simple yet effective one for a swimwear shoot. With a blue sky, blue sea, a golden radiant sunshine, and a natural pose, the photo shoot differs from the usual ultra sexy atmosphere for a swimwear shoot and offers an ethereal softness instead. What we love from this shoot is indeed its soft ambience which gives us the vibe of eternal summer and freedom.

"Avant Garde Beauty Shoot with a Duct Tape"
from Canada's Next Top Model cycle 3

In this photo shoot, the model perhaps could not tell us how beautiful the picture is since her mouth is duct taped. But she doesn't need to. Just take a look at the whole picture and we guess you will understand by yourselves why we want to see this idea of beauty shoot in a pageant.

"Backstage of a Fashion Show"
from America's Next Top Model cycle 16

Since 2007, Miss Universe has started to include portions of backstage footage like girls taking make up or preparing their gowns and costumes into their opening number. We think they can expand the idea into a photo shoot as well. Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model has shown us that a backstage photo shoot could work really well, so hopefully we could see backstage themed photo shoot in Miss Universe and other pageants soon.

"Beauty Shoot with Reptiles and Insects"
from Poland's Next Top Model cycle 1

Usually disgusting critters and crawlers like snakes, spiders, and roaches suddenly become a beautiful companion for a photo shoot if you know how to work with them. Beauty shoot with reptiles and insects is one of the most common idea used in Next Top Model series around the world and most of the time, they produce a stunning result, just like this one above from the Poland series.

"Couture Dress on a Crane"
from Australia's Next Top Model cycle 7

This idea of photo shoot takes the definition of haute couture as the high fashion literally by levitating a model wearing haute couture dress in a high altitude using a crane. As you can see by yourselves, the result is simply glamorous and mesmerizing.

"Castaway Bride on a Beach"
from Canada's Next Top Model cycle 3

Defying the usual notion that a bride should be cheerful and happy, this photo shoot decides to take the opposite path and portrays an abandoned bride in sad and gloomy emotion. This situation is similar in pageants, where the contestants are usually required to portray a happy emotion in their official pictures. We wish someday there will be one pageant who dares enough to defy this customary. After all, a sad emotion could be equally beautiful as a happy emotion too, just like the bride in the picture above tells us.

"Wind and Rain Beauty Shoot"
from America's Next Top Model cycle 14

What makes the photo shoot above special is obviously the rainy effect, because without it, the picture is just an ordinary beauty shoot. Therefore the most important lesson that we could take from this idea is sometimes adding a simple effect could change the result of the picture dramatically. May it be winds or rains, it makes your photo shoot stands out!

"Glamorous Shoot in a Chateau"
from Australia's Next Top Model cycle 7

One of the key element in a photo shoot is its setting. All around the world, there are a lot of beautiful places, and if the pageant organizer knows which one to pick to support the idea of their photo shoot, they could potentially produce a beautiful shoot for their pageant, just like the picture above. When the models of cycle 7 of Australia's Next Top Model visited France, they took an aristocratic themed glamor photo shoot in the best possible setting they could have, a classic chateau. The result, as you can see above, is simply gorgeous.

"Hollywood Glamor in Black and White"
from Poland's Next Top Model cycle 2

The idea of this photo shoot follows one of the most fundamental rule in photo shoot, glamor shoot works best in black and white. Being shot in monochromatic tone is one strong point of this shoot as it makes the result become more elegant. The styling of the model also works perfectly with the black and white theme. It evokes a feeling as if the model in the picture is a classic Hollywood starlet in the 1950's. A perfect combination, right?

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