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Guess every single pageant fans in this world would agree on one thing, that placing as a semifinalist at a competition as fierce as Miss Universe is never an easy thing to do. But, despite the level of competitiveness at Miss Universe, some countries actually manage to make a very long streak of placement as a semifinalist in this pageant. In this article, we have listed Top 10 longest streaks at Miss Universe. Check out the list here!

Longest Streaks at Miss Universe

1 - USA with 22 streaks (1977 - 1998)
2 - Venezuela with 21 streaks (1983 - 2003)
3 - USA with 18 streaks from (1958 - 1975)
4 - India with 11 streaks from (1992 - 2002)
5 - Germany with 10 streaks (1952 - 1961)
6 - Finland with 8 streaks (1962 - 1969)
7 (tied) - Brazil with 7 steaks (1954 - 1960)
7 (tied) - Brazil with 7 streaks (1967 - 1973)
7 (tied) - Sweden with 7 streaks (1964 - 1970)
7 (tied) - USA with 7 streaks (2003 - 2009)

Miss USA Shawnae Nicole Jebbia Top 5 finish at Miss Universe 1998 marks a historic record of 22 consecutive placements by a country in the pageant

As a country where Miss Universe began and has only been unplaced 5 times throughout its history, you can already expected USA is on the top the list. USA currently holds the spectacular record of 22 consecutive placements at Miss Universe which we believe would be very hard and almost impossible to break. At second place in the list is also USA with another spectacular number of streak, 18 consecutive placements. In addition, it still has two other streaks, one at the third place on the list with another spectacular number of streak, 18 consecutive placements, and one at joint seventh in the list with 7 consecutive placements. This latter streak, which happens from 2002 to 2009, is also the longest streak for Miss Universe editions of the new millennium.

Traditional powerhouses Venezuela and India are the next two names on the list after USA. With 21 consecutive streaks from 1983 to 2003, Venezuela is on the verge to break USA record. Too bad, its delegate was shockingly unplaced in 2004, ending its dream to surpass its chief rival at Miss Universe. As for India, a country which was largely ignored during the early days of Miss Universe, it suddenly rises to powerhouse status during the decade of 1990's and sets 11 consecutive placements at Miss Universe, including 2 victories in 1994 and 2000.

Miss India Madhu Sapre placed as Second Runner Up at Miss Universe 1992 which would later turn out to be the beginning of 11 years long streak of her country at Miss Universe

Talk about lucky number seven, the South American country Brazil has two streaks on the list, both with 7 consecutive placements and both placed at joint seventh on the list. But it does not stop there! Its first streak comes from 1954 to 1960 and its second streak happened exactly 7 years after its first streak from 1967 -1973. What a coincidence, right!

Two names that are likely unexpected by most fans to be included in the list are perhaps Germany and Finland, two European nations which barely makes any wave at Miss Universe today. Well, they may not be a strong competitors for Miss Universe now, but during the early years of Miss Universe, they were the powerhouses. As such, it is a no surprise that their streak also comes from the early editions of Miss Universe, Germany from 1952 to 1961 while Finland from 1962 to 1969.

Miss Venezuela Ana Karina Anez Delgado failure to place at Miss Universe 2004 ended her country dream to break USA record at Miss Universe

Also in the list is Sweden at joint seventh with 7 consecutive placements. Like Germany and Finland, Sweden is also a classic powerhouse during the early days of Miss Universe. However unlike its two fellow European nations who eclipsed once Miss Universe entered the new millennium, Sweden still makes some wave every now and then, tough not as competitive as decades before.

So that is all, the Top 10 longest streak at Miss Universe so far. Will any new nations break the record and join this prestigious list anytime soon? Just wait and see!

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  1. Venezuela used to place each year in 1990s. USA and India missed once in the era; USA in 1999 and India in 1991. However, the best wealth of Indian contestants in the pageant at that time was their skill in interview. From 1994 to 1996, India placed 1st on interview preliminary.

  2. I loved this post. Congrats for your job. Realy, this are powerhouses in MU, but a lot of them, like Brazil and Germany, in decades ago.
    We can see that the results are almost the same in winner lists: USA, Venezuela, Sweden, India, Finland and Brazil.


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