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Our interview with one the greatest and nicest man alive, Cesar Curti, Mister International 2011 from Brazil. Enjoy the interview here!

Full Name : Cesar Augusto Curti
National Title : Mister Brazil International 2011
Age : 24
Height : 187 cm
Birthplace : Ribeiro Preto, Sao Paulo
Birthdate : March 19th

1 Would you please tell us about yourself and your life?
Hello Everyone! I'm Cesar Curti. I'm from Brazil and I am currently Mister International. I'm a really easy going person, that tries to make the most out of my life. Always growing, always learning, always getting better, and aiming bigger goals.

2 Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life?
I don't have one specific person that inspires me because I get inspired by everyday life and people. My family and friends inspire me, random people I meet during everyday life inspire me as well. Even some scientist, celebrities, motivational speakers also inspire me. I always try to stay aware and I know that the Universe will always show me what I'm looking for.

3 If you can describe yourself in 5 words, which 5 worlds would you choose, and why?
Strenght, Courage, Love, Friendship, and Honour. Because I keep living my life by demonstrating all these beautiful feelings around.

4 What activities you usually love to do in your spare time?
I love music, traveling, arts in general, and sports. In my spare time I usually do one of those things, depending on my mood.

5 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I wouldn't change anything. I think we are what we always wanted to be. I focus in what I have, and not in what I don't.

6 In your biography it is stated that you speak 7 languages. How and where did you learn to speak all those languages?
Of course I speak some of them more fluently than others, but most of it I learned by traveling around the world and talking to people. Asking, paying attention, and reading. The only languange that I learned in classes is English before I started traveling.

7 A lot of fans around the world have predicted you would win Mister International 2011. How about yourself? Did you feel as certain as them that you would win the competition?
I never go into a contest, or tournament thinking that I'm gonna lose. I always go for the big win. So all my focus was on winning, from begining to end.

8 What makes you motivated and interested in joining the pageant?
I like competing because I like things that push me to get better and get to know myself more. Also by being Mister International, I will get involved in a lot of charity events, which is something that I always wanted to do, but never really knew how to start. Also it's gonna improve my career as an international model/actor/musician.

9 How did you prepare yourself for Mister International 2011?
I was training everyday, physically, mentally and spiritually. My exercises include doing weight lifting, running on the beach, surfing, having a healthy diet, meditating, staying around positive people, and having a good time, as always!

10 Out of all the places you visited in Bangkok during the competition which one is the most memorable one for you?
For sure the Theater where the Final was held (Patravadi). There was a lot of tension, stress, happiness, a lot of different feelings involved in that place. I will always have good memories from that place.

11 What was the most exciting and the most frightening experience you had during the Mister International 2011 days?
The most exciting was when they announced the winner, that's for sure! He he he.
The most frightening was during the preliminary competition, because I actually wasn't happy at all with my answers, but it served me as a lesson, so I could focus and prepare myself better for the final.

12 Who was your roommate during the competition? Did you both get along well?
My roomate was Czech Republic, Martyn. A Great guy! We got along really well. We became bros. And it was amazing that we were both first and second place. We even spoke about it before the final!!! We still keep in touch, and I'm sure I made many good friends during the competition.

13 What is the best lesson you learn from your participation in Mister International 2011?
Confidence is Everything! Know what you want and go for it!

14 Now that the Mister International 2011 competition is over, what is your plan for your future?
Work a lot! I already have many events and trips to fulfill as Mister International, so I'm very excited. My plan is to keep doing what I do. Keep doing my modeling/acting/music while I fullfill my duties as Mister International.

15 Last but not least what is your message to all your fans and supporters?
Guys, thank you very much for everything. I've received a lot of motivational messsages from people from all over the world, and that makes me very happy. My dream is to keep inspiring people. But know that you all keep inspiring me as well.
Follow your dreams, go for it, and Do it!!! It's a new year, a new beggining so, let's make it happen! Wish you all a great year ahead, full of positive vibes!!!

Special thanks to Cesar Curti himself who has given us an opportunity for this interview. To learn more about Cesar Curti as Mister International 2011 check its official profile page here :

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