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Mister Denmark 2011 Mads Madsen shares his experience at Mister International 2011. Enjoy the interview!

Full Name : Mads Madsen
National Title : Mister Denmark International 2011
Age : 19
Height : 187 cm
Weight : 77.5 kg
Achievement at Mister International 2011 :
Top 16 (12th place) and Mister Most Handsome award

1 Would you please tell us about yourself and your life?

My name is Mads Madsen, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark. The place I grew up was amazing because my parents did everything they could to give me a good childhood. And they succeeded!
When I was a child I had all the opportunity to play football, tennis, dance, and just having fun. Since the place where I lived was a small neighborhood, I was also very close to all my friends.

2 Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life?
A lot of people have become source of inspiration in my life, but if I have to pick one, it has to be my grandfather. He has been a great part of my life. The best time of my life is definitely when I stay at home with him, my sister, and my two cousins.
My sister, my two cousins and I have always been a team. All of us have matching tattoos of a little rose with the word ‘My Way’ written on the top of it. ‘My Way’ is our grandfather’s favorite song by Frank Sinatra. This is signifying our respect, honor, and love to our grandfather. I am not that much into tattoos because I am so very scared I will regret them later. But we did this for our grandfather because we love him very much.

3 If you can describe yourself in 5 words, which 5 worlds would you choose, and why?
• Social – I love to hanging out my friends, family, and meet new people.
• Creative – Since I was little I’ve always been very creative and colorful, and I work with graphic designs.
• Positive – I’m really positive the most of the time, I think if you just have a positive mind, a lot of things will work out for you in the last end.
• Kind – As long as I can remember back, I’ve always been the “kind” person who helps you if you’re in need.
• Healthy – I love being healthy and having an active life.

4 What activities you usually love to do in your spare time?
I love dancing and sports. I’ve danced standard and Latin dance for 11 years, break dance for 5 years, hip-hop and funk for 2 years, played American football for 1 year, and worked out for 4 years now.

5 How do you feel about your accomplishment at the Mister International 2011 pageant?
I’m so grateful to my National Director Lisa Lents for giving me the opportunity to represent something as prestigious as my own country, Denmark! And I’m so happy for my accomplishment in Mister International 2011, I got to the finals and ended at 12th place, and won the title “Mister Most Handsome 2011” so I’m proud and glad for the big experience!

6 What makes you motivated and interested in joining the pageant?
I get very motivated because it’s a great chance for me to get my modeling career on a higher level, and having to travel around the world and see so many beautiful things.

7 How did you prepare yourself for Mister International 2011?
I did not have much time to prepare myself. But we contacted my sponsors and got everything in place, then I did as I always do, worked out, eat healthily, and enjoyed some time with my family.

8 Out of all the places you visited in Bangkok during the competition which one is the most memorable one for you?
It must be the different resorts we visited. There were so many beautiful things, so it’s really difficult to pick one!

9 What was the most exciting and the most frightening experience you had during the Mister International 2011 days?
The most exciting experience was definitely when we visited the various resorts where we raced motocross, riding on elephants, and much more.
The most frightening experience that I had would be seeing the poor people sleeping in Bangkok’s streets and small alleys. When you see something like this, you get to appreciate your life more.

10 Who was your roommate during the competition? Did you both get along well?
My roommate was Mister Sweden, and we got along very good, it’s funny how Danish and Swedish is almost the same, but still we had a few issues understanding each other sometimes. So we talked English most of the time.

11 What is the best lesson you learn from your participation in Mister International 2011?
That you should never change who you are, always stay the same and be proud of your accomplishment.

12 Now that the Mister International 2011 competition is over, what is your plan for your future?
Right at the moment I’m doing a lot of different interviews, and casting for model and commercial work. Aside from that, I’m currently studying Media Graphics as well, in addition to the title as Web Integrator for web coding that I already earned.
With my education background, I guess I would still be suited to get a good job or start my own firm in case my modeling career does not work out.

13 Last but not least what is your message to all your fans and supporters?
Always smile, be happy and think positive. Your life automatically will be better.
I got that advice as a kid and every time I am ”sad” or feeling ”bad” I try to think positive as much as I possibly can. Not that it is going to cure you, but it is the first step to success, and a healthy life!
I’m also feel very grateful to my National Director and “Miss & Mister of Denmark” Organization, to my sponsors, friends and family. They’ve all helped me so much to make this trip a success!
Finally thanks to ”Bertoni” for making me look so good in their suits!

Love, Mads Madsen

Special thanks to Mads Madsen himself and his national director Miss Lisa Lents of Miss & Mister of Denmark Organization who have given us an opportunity for this interview. To learn more about Mads Madsen check his official profile page here :

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