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Our interview with Steven was done in two parts. Prior to his departure to Bangkok, we actually have interviewed him via e-mail. But later we decided to do a post-pageant interview so that we can learn his experience at Mister International 2011 as well. Our second part of interview was done last week when we met with Steven and his girlfriend Wynne Melissa. It was such a fun interview and Steven definitely shared a lot of stories to us. So without further ado, let's get to it and find out what Steven has to say about Mister International 2011!

Full Name : Steven Yoswara
National Title : L-Men of The Year 2009
Birth place / date : Bandung, 30 July 1989
Fave song : "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull
Fave singer : Coldplay
Fave movie : All Marvel's movie
Fave actor / actress : Dwayne Johnsen "The Rock"
Fave book : One Piece
Fave sports : cycling and fitness
Personal motto : "Real happiness is seeing others get their happiness because of you"
Achievement at Mister International 2011 :
Second Runner Up (3rd place)

The Man Named Steven Yoswara

Before getting to the juicier part of Mister International topic, we decided to start our interview with questions about Steven himself and his personal life. So who is this man named Steven Yoswara? Steven was born as the the middle of three siblings, having one elder brother and one younger sister. He is currently a final year student at Art and Design Faculty of Maranatha University. After winning L-Men of The Year 2009, Steven life changes in that he started to pursue career in entertainment in addition to his education. Asked about his biggest motivation, Steven explained how his family plays the biggest role in his life. “They always support me in every activities and jobs that I do, whether it is my education or my career. My Mom supports me everyday by preparing healthy food for my meal and reminding me to have enough rest. My Dad always teaches me to have discipline and be responsible in everything that I do. My siblings are also very supportive. Without them I am really nothing.”

Steven describes himself as ‘an extrovert artist who is addicted with healthy lifestyle’, Art and sport are two inseparable things from Steven life. He is an art and photography lover who follows the healthy lifestyle. Sport is a routine activity for him, almost everyday he hits the gym. He also loves cycling as an alternate exercising activity. His favorite place for cycling is Lembang highland which is located not too far from the city of Bandung.

A Superhero and His Hero

“I want to become Captain America.” Short but certain, that is how Steven answered when we asked him with a ‘what if’ question “If you could become a character in a movie, which character you would like to be?” “Despite all his weakness, Captain America has a golden heart and a desire to help others without any hesitation. Remember, not because of the outlook. Good outlook is not always good, but good heart will always be good.”

The answer might not be too surprising considering heroism has been a part of Steven character since his childhood. Even when he was still a child, he once had an aspiration to become a soldier like in colossal war movies. But even a superhero still has his own personal hero. And for Steven, his hero and the biggest inspiration in his life is no other than his own father.
Personally for Steven, his father is a man without envy. “My father is always feeling grateful with his life. He is never jealous with other people and he is a very humble person. We can easily feel pity towards other people sorrows but only a few people can genuinely feel happy to see other people success. And my father is one of those few people.”

Experience is The Best Teacher

The wise man says ‘experience is the best teacher’. So for Steven himself, what is the most exciting experience in his entire life? Apparently Steven once had a chance to show his talent in front of people, but suddenly he could not do it. The worst part, a lot of people were watching him that time and some even had their camcorder ready. But at that critical moment, Steven could not bring himself to perform the talent that he could normally do easily.

Another precious experience for Steven is his participation at L-Men of The Year 2009. “L-Men of The Year has truly opened an opportunity for me to enter the entertainment industry, to meet with a lot of people from various walks of life, and to become an ambassador of healthy lifestyle and inspiration for many people.” Indeed becoming L-Men of The Year has truly become a life changing experience for Steven, including the unforgettable opportunity to represent our country, Indonesia, at the prestigious event of Mister International 2011.

Bangkok Calling

After getting personal with Steven and his life, we started to talk about Mister International 2011 days. Our first question is about his preparation. How did Steven prepared himself for the competition? “There are obviously a lot to prepare. The first one is physique preparation, I must increase my exercise intensity, become more selective in choosing menu for my meal, and take an adequate rest. I must also spend hours of time for fitting with several noted Indonesian designers, taking an interview class, and learning more about Indonesia to increase my knowledge about our beloved country.” Amazingly all those were done by Steven in the middle of his university exam weeks. “With such a hectic schedule, I of course could not take most of the exams in their scheduled time. Fortunately most of my lectures were very supportive and allowed me to take a substitute tests that I could take earlier so that I could still finish my academic obligation while preparing myself for Bangkok.”

However, despite all those preparation, Steven admitted to us that he indeed felt a bit nervous when he first saw his competitors in Bangkok. “Maybe because they are all so tall, so at first it was kinda intimidating.” But as days gone by, the feeling slowly disappeared because the contestants are so friendly and they all quickly get along well together. Even the competitive atmosphere is almost not felt because the contestants are very supportive and helpful towards each other. Of course everyone still wants to win, but it does not make them become hostile and mean to the others. The competition has become a chance for every contestant to compete fair and square while gaining new friendship from all around the world.

Stay tuned for the second part of our interview with Steven .... coming soon!

Interviewed by : Nursasongko & Ayus Wijaya
Text by : Ayus Wijaya
Photos by : Thai Catwalk & Nursasongko

Steven and Nursasongko from IP

Special thanks to Steven Yoswara himself and L-Men who have given us an opportunity for this interview. To learn more about L-Men check its website here :
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