Thursday, January 12, 2012

By Ayus Wijaya

One of the basic rule in Miss Universe, as well as other most international pageants, dictates that each country should only be represented by one delegate each year. But a unique circumstance in 1954 caused Greece to be represented by two delegates, Rika Dialyna and Efi Andoroulakakis. Out of these two, Rika Dialyna is the official representative of Greece for Miss Universe 1954. However, due to passport problems, she was unable to enter United States, where the pageant was held. Efi Andoroulakakis was sent to replace her. Later Dialyna's visa problems were sorted out in the last minute and she was able to compete at Miss Universe 1954. Androulakakis decided to withdraw from the pageant after Dialyna's arrival, refusing the offer from the pageant officials that she continue to compete as "Miss Crete"

The two Misses Greece at Miss Universe 1954
Rika Dialyna (left) and Efi Andoroulakakis (right)

Both Misses Greece did not come home empty handed. Prior to Dialyna's arrival, Andoroulakakis was voted as Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants, an award that she continue to claim even after her withdrawal from the pageant. While Dialyna herself later on managed to place as one of the Top 16 semifinalists in the contest.

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Photo Source
: Pageantopolis

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