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Our first Leaderboard for Miss World 2013. After observing the 127 contestants in 3 weeks and taking their performance on Challenge Events so far as well as other factors such as political and historical track records of each country into consideration, we have finally narrowed them into Top 30 faves. And they are ...

The Leaderboard
1. Brazil
2. Spain
3. Indonesia
4. Ghana
5. Philippines
6. Ukraine
7. France
8. China PR
9. Australia
10. Jamaica
11. Italy
12. Japan
13. Cameroon
14. United States
15. Puerto Rico
16. Cote d'Ivoire
17. Northern Ireland
18. India
19. Guyana
20. Georgia
21. Denmark
22. Moldova
23. Guinea
24. Czech Republic
25. Panama
26. Slovakia
27. Ecuador
28. South Sudan
29. Martinique
30. Venezuela

From Asia Pacific, Indonesia leads with her strong presence at Challenge Events so far, including a very deserving victory for Talent competition. Being a host delegate will surely gives her more advantage. Philippines is not only beautiful, but also exudes charismatic confidence and shows a great communication skill due to her nackground in entertainment industry in her country. China PR is a regal porcelain doll, while Japan is perhaps one of the most beautiful delegate ever from The Land of Rising Sun. In our opinion she is even prettier than Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori or Miss Universe 2006 Runner Up Kurara Chibana. Also in the our list are the super friendly gorgeus blonde Australia and India who seems to lose her lustre as the competition progress, but taking her country history at Miss World, we feel that we should not dismiss her as crown contender yet.

From Europe, we have four contestants whom we believe will battle it out for top position, and they are Spain, Ukraine, France, and Italy. Any of them would be a grat winner for this year edition. We really have a tough time to determine their placement in our Leaderboard, and we have a feeling that the next Leaderboard may undergo a massive changes for these Fantastic Four European girls. As Europe is, without a doubt, the strongest region this year, we have more European delegates than any other regions in our list and that includes dark horses Moldova who surprisingly makes it into the final round of Beach Fashion and Slovakia who has made it as nomination in every single one of the Challenge Events annouced so far.

From Caribbean, we have two major faves. Beauty wise we prefer Puerto Rico who seems to be loved by the Organizaiton as well as she has been chosen to attend the Press Conference as well as interviewed on the stage during the Opening Show. But when we take Challenge Event into consideration, it is Jamaica who tops the list as she is one of the Beach Fashion finalist, considered by many fans as one of the most prestigious competition and a major indication on who may end up with the crown.

From Africa, the clear standout is obviously Ghana. She is a true ebony Barbie with a very beautiful smile. She has made it as a  Beach Fashion finalist and she has a very strong Beauty with a Purpose campaign, which we predict will be shortlisted as well. Cameroon wins our heart with her warm smile and great communication skill while Cote d'Ivoire, the tallest contestant this year, is our one of our bet for Top Model title this year for her fierce facial feature and statuesque figure.

From Americas, we have not many faves. In fact, we believe Americas as one of the weakest region this year. Ironically the best one of this region is the one that tops our Leaderboard, and she is Brazil. She is perhaps the best delegate from her country in a long time. Not only gorgeus, she has a great charisma and a great body too. On the top of that, her Beauty with a Purpose campaign is among the strongest one too this year. Therefore, for this first Leaderboard we dare to place her on the top. Meanwhile, our oher faves from this region includes United States and Guyana.

With several Challenge Events still waiting for official announcement, we will publish another Leaderboard near the Final Day. Stay tuned!

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