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Our interview with the sweet and beautiful Agneta Myhrman, Swedish representative at Miss World 2013  in Indonesia. Check out the full interview after the jump!


•  Full name : Agneta Myhrman Lillieskold
•  Birth date : 11th November 1994
•  Age :18
•  Height : 180 cm
•  Hometown : Stockholm
•  Fave Movie :  The Duchess and Memoirs of Geisha
•  Fave Song : Many!
•  Fave Actor/Actress : Keira Knightley
•  Fave Musician :Many!
•  Fave Book : Memoirs of Geisha and Escape From Camp 14
•  Fave Quote : 'You get what you give in life.'

1. Please tell us about yourself, your everyday life, and the city where you live! 
I live in the beautiful city of Stockholm in Sweden with my family. I have four sisters and brothers who are my best friends. I try to live every day to the fullest and take whatever opportunity that comes. I like to go my own way because I like to find new ways to do things, even though they aren’t always successful. You never know before you try.

2. What hobby or activities you usually do in your spare time?
I like to try new things all the time, but I never get tired of activities that gives your head a workout, like math and computer programming.

3. What is the biggest dream or ambition in your life? 
Right now, hopefully to be in some way a spokesperson for human rights one day.

4. Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life? 
It’s very hard to pick just one person, but my grandmother have always been a huge inspiration for me. She have always been a stubborn person, just like me and won’t give up until we tried our best. Even though she is over 90 years old she got such an energy that you can’t get enough of. She have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals.

5. What is your signature style in fashion? Can you describe it for us? 
I know this is very common as an answer, but my style depends on the occasion. But I like

6. What makes you interested to join the national pageant for Miss World in your country? 
I have always been interested in the Miss World concept Beauty with a Purpose, and I wanted to be a part of it.

7. When you first joined the pageant have you had feeling that you would eventually win the whole thing? 
No, not that much. I applied to this because I wanted to try something new, and as the opportunity came I took it. But however how it goes I will still continue working with human rights.

8. In your opinion, what makes Miss World pageant different from the other pageants? 
The Miss World Pageant is one of the oldest and most sophisticated beauty pageants in my opinion. Also their slogan “beauty with a purpose” really highlights the competitions aim – charity and fundraising with strong independent women with a dream to change the world for the better.

9. What do you look forward the most from Indonesia as the host of Miss World 2013? 
To see the beautiful country Indonesia and people. Their stunning and sublime culture that will be a memory for a lifetime!

10. With only less than a month to go, what is your preparation for the upcoming Miss World 2013 competition? 
To mentally prepare myself and spend time with those I love most. To stay humble and grateful for what I have in front of me!

11. From all the Fast Tracks / Challenge Events in Miss World 2013, which one do you think you will excel the most and why? 
The “Dances of the World”! It’s my favorite part in the Miss World show except from the grand final. It’s a fun and unique way to view all corners of the on just one stage!

12. From all 62 past Miss World winners, which one is your favorite winner and why?
It’s hard to just pick one! But I have always been fond of the winners from Asia! Beautiful women with beautiful minds!

13. In your opinion, which one is more important for development of a country, natural resources or human resources, and why? 
Both, as a country is formed by both of them.

14. Last but not least, what is your message for all your fans in Indonesia? 
All people in this world are beautiful in some way. I don’t see myself as a more beautiful person than others, I just want to use it to support other people in need. To help and bring beauty to the world in the same time.

Special thanks to Agneta for the amazing interview. We love it so much! Good luck and see you in Indonesia!

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