Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our  hot faves for Men Universe Model 2013, formerly known as Mister Universe Model. The sixth edition of the pageant will be held tonight with one of the 29 contestants will be crowned as the first ever winner chosen after the title of the contest changed.

Top 12
(in ranking order)

First Place
BRAZIL - Joao Paulo Andrade

Second Place
SPAIN - Raul Zucar Milla

Third Place
VENEZUELA - Christian Johan Rodriguez Flores

Fourth Place
SLOVENIA - Matjaz Kumelj

Fifth Place
CZECH REPUBLIC - Miroslav Kolenyak

Sixth Place
MEXICO - Sergio Felipe Meléndez Rebollo

Seventh Place
BELGIUM - Gianni Sennesael

Eighth Place
PANAMA - Arnulfo Rosario

Ninth Place
PUERTO RICO - Ian Toste Garcia

Tenth Place
PERU - Alexis Jesús Descalzo

Eleventh Place
RIVIERA MAYA - Rafael Armando Chávez Velázquez

Twelfth Place

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