Friday, April 5, 2013

Mister Brasil 2013 will feature 6 different challenge events whose winners who will receive varying extra points from 5 to 15 towards their preliminary score. Overall these 6 challenge will determine only around one fifth of a contestant preliminary score, but in Mister Brasil, which is famous for its high octane level of competition among its contestants, this one fifth score would be pivotal in determining which one is in and which one is out. Here, we are trying to predict who will likely come up triumphant in 5 out of these 6 events. And here they are our prediction for Mister Brasil 2013 Challenge Event winners!

Sport Challenge

Winner : Tocantins
This one is actually not a prediction since we already know that Mister Tocantins took the top spot as announced by the organizer several days ago. Parabens Mister Tocantins!

Talent Challenge

Winner prediction : Maranhao

This martial arts expert show us an energetic and full of adrenaline rush display of martial arts which is unique, fascinating, captivating, and clearly deserve a top spot in this category.

Beach Hunk Challenge

Winner prediction : Atol das Rocas

With such a killer god-like abs, Mister Atol das Rocas should easily add the prestigious title of Beach Hunk winner as his third award to his already double victories of Best Smile and Best Skin awards.

Top Model Challenge

Winner prediction : Fernando de Noronha

Tall, dark, handsome, and already having experience to model and walk for major international fashion label such as DSquared. Mister Fernando de Noronha is totally a definition of Top Model.

Multimedia Challenge

Winner prediction : Ilha dos Lobos

For months following the pageant, Mister Ilha dos Lobos has worked really hard to update his official fanpage with interesting photos, stories, and trivias which earn him a whooping number of more than 13,000 likes. For this hard work, creativity, and dedication, we think he should win this title.

Stay tuned to find out who are the winners of the challenge events on the final tonight!

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