Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our hot faves for Miss Brasil World 2013. The pageant will be held tonight with the winner goes to represent Brazil at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia and the second best contestant competes at Miss Supranational 2013.

Top 6
(in ranking order)

First Place
ILHA GRANDE - Gabrielle Vilela

Second Place
ESPIRITO SANTO - Raquel Benetti

Third Place
RIO GRANDE DO NORTE - Heloiza Campos

Fourth Place
ILHA DOS LOBOS - Sancler Frantz

Fifth Place
RIO GRANDE DO SUL - Luciane Escouto

Sixth Place
PARAIBA - Nathalia Taveira

Top 16
(in alphabetical order)

ACRE - Vanessa Guimaraes

AMAZONAS - Priscilla Rebello

ATOL DAS ROCAS - Flavia Fernandes

GOIAS - Lilian Leite

ILHA DO MEL - Vivi Di Domenico

ILHABELA - Marcella Araki

MATO GROSSO - Angela Trampush

MINAS GERAIS - Adelaine Castro

 PARA - Thalita Maues

SANTA CATARINA - Thainara Latenik

The final of Miss Brasil World 2013 will be held tonight, with the winner will represent the powerhouse nation at the oldest Grand Slam pageant, Miss World 2013. Will our Hot Faves list hit bullseye this time? Just wait and see ....

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