Thursday, July 12, 2012

Compiled by Ffor Fikri

The World Designer Dress, an equivalent for Best Evening Gown award in Miss World, was first awarded in 1995 and is still continued until now. Though the winner of the award is not guaranteed a spot in Semifinal round, it is still a prestigious award anyway, especially for the designer whose creation is recognized as the best among a-hundred-and-more countries in the world. This will change in 2012 when this award is finally elevated as a Fast Track and the winner will earn extra points for her Scoreboard.

While we are waiting for the next winner of this award, let’s take a look the past winners of this award during the new millennium (2000 – 2011). The pictures are compiled by our member Ffor Fikri and taken from various sources including Pageantopolis. And the countdown starts with the latest winner from the award.

2011 - Gizem Karaca

2010 - Mihilani Teixeira
French Polynesia

2009 - Mariatu Kargbo
Sierra Leone

2008 - Lane Lindell
United States

2007 - Cho Eun Ju

2006 - Ivana Ergic

2005 - Hande Subasi

2004 - Ellen Petri

2003 - Claudia Hernandez

2002 - Azra Akin

2001 - Seo Hyun Jin

2000 - Margarita Kravtsova

So which one of these creations is the best and the most creative one? Of course, everybody may have different answers based their own preferences. But if you ask me, my answer would be, the gown worn by Hande Subasi in 2005. The dark, night sky, blue dress is contrasted beautifully against  a series of bright multicolor tribal pattern, creating a stunning work of art. How about yourself? Which one is your favorite among these arrays of beautiful gowns?
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  1. waw,Turkey have the most best dress winners with 3...


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