Monday, July 23, 2012

It is perhaps the most glamorous, spectacular, and amazing stage ever made in the history of pageant. Stunning and impressive in both visual and size, the stage to be used for Miss World 2012 deserves a tribute on its own. In this article, we have compiled pictures of the stage from various sources, as well as several important information regarding the stage. Enjoy them all after the jump!

• Created by the highly skilled crew from Beijing Colors who have worked on Miss World stages for five editions.
• The building of the stage began on 5 July 2012 and finished on 21 July 2012 with 150 workers involved in the construction.
• Consumed a total of 700 tons of equipments and materials including 16,000 Layhher truss structure pieces and around 1,000 metres of aluminium alloy truss.
• Equipped with 12 Barco HD30 projectors, 24 LED high-beam PG lights, 1,200sqm of LED HD screens, and high-quality speakers and lighting equipment.
• Standing 50 meters high and covers a massive area of 6000 square meters.
• Inspired by the Mongolian legend that both the sky and the world are round as well as the grasslands and the dunes of Inner Mongolia.

Some pictures of the ultra impressive "The Dune" stage of Miss World 2012

Pretty impressive, don't you think so? We really can't wait to see the stage in action during the Opening Ceremony as well as the Grand Final. Hopefully it would be amazing!

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