Monday, October 28, 2013

Miss Universe Organization has published all 86 pictures for Miss Universe 2013 Close Up Shoot and earlier this morning we have selected our 10 favorites. But which one is the utmost favorite among them? It's time to find out now!

First let's meet up with the 10 finalists, and they are ...
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico

Now here are our Top 5 favorites in reverse order, starting from the fifth place ...

HAITI - Mondiana Pierre

Next in the fourth place ...

POLAND - Paulina Krupinska

Moving on up to the Top 3 we have  in the third place ...

CZECH REPUBLIC - Gabriela Kratochvilova

One step closer to the top position, here is the Runner Up in our list ...

PUERTO RICO - Monic Perez

And our most favorite Close Up Shoot for Miss Universe 2013 belongs to ...

SPAIN - Patricia Yurena Rodriguez 

Surely this list is just for fun and does not, in any ways, reflect how the actual judges will evaluate and score the contestants. Congrats to Miss Spain for being chosen as our top favorite and stay tuned for more to come!

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